March 7th, 2010

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random pics 99th post

cherryblossom I made more than 100 icons of the calendar pics, lol. That will be my 100th post. Nothing really big, but I couldn't come up with anything else for my 100th post. And the calendar is just so adaflafsagagjagalfjskajfa amazing and beautiful and I WANT MINE IN MY HANDS NOW <333 Please fly quickly my little calendar :D

Spoiler ahead.
2 pics of the calendar here >.> Don't click if you don't wanna see them.
Well, not that big spoiler though. Just two cute little tummies here <33333333
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cherryblossom Finally the photographer guys figured out which pair do we rike. Yasuba gets paired kinda often nowadays ne? *____*

cherryblossom This is my farm on facebook, lol? Not an eighter, I'm not.

cherryblossom Just for my sister's happiness, hehe. heart1

cherryblossom Now guys tell me. Could this be really Subaru? omfg I'm dead here.

cherryblossom Even the sky is celebrating with me <3 Yay for lots of eito. Yesterday it was raining for some minutes then the sun shined a loottt, and that's when I saw this REALLY big rainbow. It was really wide. Btw, today when I woke up it was snowing, lol XD And the sun is shining atm again. I totally don't get this. And I have a headache because of the stupid weather >.> But this weather is good for seeing some cute rainbows, hehe <3 The second pic. Haha fail on the street.

cherryblossom Just because me can haz a very clever face, too. My red hair is gone x( It looks more like blond now XD It faded away, and I should go and get dyed it again.

cherryblossom AND HARU HARU HARU DDDDDDDD: I know I've already told you on msn, but your letter arriveeeeeed <333333 Well guys, did you know I changed my name? :DDDD YAAAAY HARU that was so cute XD And thank you so much for the pics, again <3333 I really really liked the Subaru one <3

cherryblossom Oh, and my profile is done. Haha . I should fill out the interests part, too.

cherryblossom Sorry, soorryyy guys for not use cut, but it acts stupid again. THANKSSSS GODDD I could put the calendar pics under a cut, but it just doesn't let me put more things under cuts... again... m(-____-)m

Well, then I'm gonna post my 100th post with the icons soon <3
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everything i do, i do it for you.

Eito 2010-2011 calendar.

heart1 Maru has some really really cute pics ne.
heart1 Subaru's so amazingly beautiful.
heart1 Yay for cute Yasuba.
heart1 I'm starting to like OhMaru and RyoMaru shocku
heart1 Sorry for not really making Hina icons. It's no that I don't like him. I really do, I'm just not than into him as a man.
heart1 Actually I wanted to make 100 icons, but somehow it became more, lol.

calendar: 104 icons
let's shop: 
31 icons
variations: 4 icons
in total: 139 icons

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penguin CREDIT FOR THE SCANS: skycouldfall@LJ
penguin I really hope you liked them.♥
penguin Please credit gekkouw@LJ if using any.
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