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his heart's desire

1) my header's up on LJ :)

2) finally I got my album today.

3) I got my English books, too <3 I'll read Coraline and Stardust in English. I chose these books, because I've seen both movies already, so the stories aren't totally unknown for me, so reading them in English won't be that hard. Oh, I already started reading Coraline!
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she could dare to fall in love with you.

Lately I've been a bit off-Kanjani8, but I've already downloaded the album, and watched Animal Magic PV, too. And all I can say is: O M F G I just can't wait to watch the movie already. Subaru's too cute with a baby in his arms, and he's smoking and he's too too too too hot, I tell you. And he's being all gay and naked with Ryo, haha. I'm still wondering if the baby's a girl or a boy though XDDD What do you think? And about the album..... it surprised me that I like it! Really, I wasn't expecting me to like it. Since... Animal Magic is just not my song.... I don't like it that mush, so I thought the other songs would have the same feeling.... but I don't know, even if they have I didn't care because I love many of the songs. But Baby baby is the cutest <3 Oh and talking of baby, baby..... I haven't listened to Subaraji yet... :/ I won't understand a word anyway.... Ah, and Subaru's Yasuba update today. O.o I WANNA KNOW WHAT HE'S THINKING ABOUT DAMN IT ;< it was so cute though.
Okay, I have new LJ layout - yes, again. I love this now, because I could hide the ADS, and well....... It makes me so mad that I can't have more than 25 userpics with Tokens either. Well, I could have 30, but since I fucked it up and bought 10 instead of 15 for the first time, now I can't buy more 5. -_______- Now I can only make this 10 last longer, but can't have any more........ So I'll use icons here everyime I post something, lol? XD The icon's linked to the person who made it. So this layout is pretty good because the original userpic is small. Okay, I know it doesn't look the same on your friend lists, but well...... Whateveeeerrrr. Oh an yes, I have 2500 LJ Tokens now, and the header I made for LJ will be up on the site on halloween's week, lmmaaaoooo.
Actually, I wanted to tell a story, but this post is too blahh now, so I know nobody will read such long entries ;D

she took your picture to the stars above and they told her it is true: she could dare to fall in love with you.
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everyone was born in september, it seems <3

it's actually 6AM here, but I couldn't wait to wish you a HBD. \o/

Well actually, I'm really happy to have you on my f-list, and that we got to know each other.... I was reading your fanfics for aages, when you added me, and I was really happy, because I wouldn't be brave enough to add you myself, oh lol >_>
Maybe you don't realize it, but you help me a whole lot with English. ^___^ Just simply by writing an entry, or tweeting, or I don't know. I really love reading everything you write, so then I can learn more and more. And well, not that much anymore, but the first times that I wrote to you I was always kinda nervous that maybe I make mistakes, so I checked my sentences 1000 times before I posted them to you, lol. But I don't know why I was nervous, because I've never seen you criticizing other people because they weren't that good in English. And well, even if you have, that'd be only for helping me/us, and not the "Haha, I'm English I'm better than you and you suck" kind of criticize that I sometimes always see on the internet. Well not LJ, but other places.
And on the other hand I have to thank you for all your fanfics... I know I'm always commenting, but I can't say thank you enough times. For writing Yasuba >3< I hope you know that all of your fics are like my favourite, I can't choose the best among them, because I love love love them all so much. Thank you for writing them! *o*

So again, Happy Birthday. <3333
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My 200th entry here.
but, later, this won't be the 200th because I'm sure I'll delete older entries! >_>

May this day be your best day in the year, and may you recieve as much love as you deserve <33333
You've been an amazing friend ever since we got to know each other, even helping me when I was feeling down..... And being there for me to flail over Yasuba..... and well, simply just being there. Thank you for always caring, commenting and everything. Love you
Even though you've been flailing over HinaYasu, please stay with Yasuba forever <33 Because I will~~~~~~~~

And you have to know, I'm a ninja. You definitely don't know why I'm saying this now, but you will get to know. Soon enough.
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Okay, it's not the 1st here either, not to talk about Brazil.....but, well, let's say it's already the 1st in Japan :Dv
No, actually.... Since tomorrow is my first day in school I know I'll be DEAD by tomorrow, so I'm afraid I won't be able to post..... Maybe I will, but I don't wanna miss it. And I was thinking maybe I should post it at midnight, but I can't..... I have to sleep........school......blah.
Or well, maybe it's just because I wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday???? 8DD
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Babu scans <3

[ Shibutani Subaru ]
Life~ me no mae no mukou e~ Shop Photos
Total: 24 pics!
Credit: on the scans! =)
~Click on preview to see the size and quality~
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.★☆BLOGCREWS★☆. 004. Love poison

Another blogcrew by me, and since I'm posting this to communities as well, I don't wanna spam your friend list with this post as well.
What I mean is.
Here, have a cut!

Collapse )

I'm sure
claim here
gave me too much
l o v e p o i s o n
that's why I love him so much.


Shibutani Subaru × gekkouw
Koyama Keiichiro × silver881
Nishikido Ryo × ordinaryneko
Kamenashi Kazuya × baru_rin
Hey! Say! JUMP!
Morimoto Ryutaro × anilee0510
Arioka Daiki × daikiriffic
Takaki Yuya × okashii_coffee
Yaotome hikaru × audreymusic
Ruki × feelingofdoubt
Aoi × lifeisnyaa
An Cafe
Kanon × vayaro

Hidan × 3675309
Sengoku Basara
Keiji Maeda × rainxcloud
Sebastian Michaelis × theonlyenemy
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Itsuki Koizumi × osaka01
Aizen Sosuke × hanahana_sama
Dragon Ball Z
Goten × chocowlate
Shizuo Heiwajima × sailorpokemon

Alexander L. Eusebio × italic
Super Junior
Cho Kyuhyun × smilekyu

Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth × cosmosin_strife


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give a bit of HMMM to me...

Okay, this is just a quick post, I just wanna show you my new haircolor. (゚∇^*)v⌒☆
So, for an example... it was bright red for 2 years:

And now it's chocolate brown - with a  little red shade~ really pretty, and I was really happy that my friends seem to like it as well! ^^

but my face is ugly, sorry XD

But I love it so much now O(≧∇≦)O
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